Smothered Chicken and Gravy with AB

I love this his YouTube videos! Everything looks so good. Sharing another comfort food video…

Hope you enjoy!

Creamy Mac n Cheese Recipe with AB…Yum! Get the bacon fat!

The Best BBQ Baked Beans with AB!

Peach Cobble with AB

It’s time for a nap! Thank you AB, I love your channel!

Comfort foods, Part 1

I’m slowly coming out of my shell like so many around the world. Do you feel like you’ve lost direction? Need a purpose? A plan? Over the past year, I learned how to bake bread, grow a vegetable garden, sew homemade bags, de-clutter, etc, etc, etc.

One thing I have especially enjoyed are cooking videos and television shows. There are too many to name all in one blog post. I wish I was as creative and talented as the people in the videos, whether they had a few hundred subscribers or over one million there are always new and interesting things to learn.

I’m going to return to this blog by posting one of my favorite comfort foods by The Pioneer Woman. Hope you enjoy.


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