Sous Vide Cooking ~ Husband’s New Kitchen Toy!

We have been watching this cooking method for some time. When I saw the machine at an affordable price, I had to take the plunge and purchase one for my husband’s birthday. Looking forward to some yummy steaks! Check out this YouTube chef,┬áSous Vide Everything, my husband has been watching his videos for a while.

Sous Vide Everything on YouTube

Sous Vide Brisket…I can taste it…Oh, so good!

How to cook Bacon…

This will always be one of my favorite foods. Thank you Test Kitchen for making this easy!

Another great Joshua Weissman But Better video! You have got to try this…

I made these for dinner last week. They were fantastic! My family loved them. I am not as talented as Joshua, so it took me a good bit longer to make everything. If you are just starting out and a little intimidated with the dough part, you can use the store version of muffins. Cook the eggs just like he suggests, you will not be disappointed. So delicious. Thank you, Joshua, another excellent But Better video!

Next, get ready family! It’s Crunchwrap Supreme night!