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Ordinary Doormats Become Gorgeous Works Of Art

The front doormat…it sends you off to work, it greets you when you arrive home, and it keeps your carpets dirt-free. Time to show IT some love! Repurpose that mat…and create something astonishing!

Ordinary Out…Chic In!

Gone are the days of only hanging paintings and framed pictures to dress up the walls of your home. These painted doormats are unique and eye-catching…certain to strike up a conversation!


A Concrete Creation

With a handful of simple materials, a touch of creativity, and a bit of time…

“Stepway” to Heaven

…you can create these stunning, intricate slabs of stone! Accent your garden walls with these lovely rock plaques, have these step stones guide the way to your front door, or construct your own coffee table with a one-of-a-kind stone top…the possibilities are endless! The project details are on the Monica’s Creative Room website.

A Paperless World

Now-a-days, we store more information on computers and less in filing cabinets. With that said, the time has come to do something with that old, useless cabinet you’ve had cooped up in the corner of your home office. Get it outside, give it some fresh air, and with a few simple steps…it’ll have a whole new look and purpose!

Rags to Riches

There are times when standing out is a good thing…but not when it’s the air vent in the middle of your family picture wall. Covering that eyesore of a vent with a black doormat gives it an elegant, stylish wrought iron look, and still allows for easy air flow. “Wrought on!”

Screen shot 2016-03-17 at 11.38.32 AM

Sleep in Style

Turn a few inexpensive, plain doormats into a breathtaking, beautiful headboard for your bed! Doormats come in a variety of designs and patterns, and spray paint comes in an endless amount of color choices. So you really are able to create a piece that reflects your personal taste and style! Check out the full project scoop on the Kara Paslay Designs website.


A Simple Project…

Before you toss that worn rubber front doormat…think reduce, reuse, recycle! The detailed design on your mat makes for the perfect, oversized stencil.

…Becomes Simply Stunning Wall Art!

One can of spray paint, $3.49…four wooden boards, $10…a gorgeous, unique piece of art on your living room wall, PRICELESS!


“Privacy Please”

Looking for a way to block a bit of the neighborhood busyness out, while still allowing the light to shine in? Well, rubber doormats are your solution. You JUST may start a trend with these chic shades!


The Perfect Buffer

Those adorable new sneakers on your child’s feet…super cute! But those adorable new sneakers on the wall of your kitchen island…not so cute! These rubber mats make wonderful blockers between those tiny toes and the suede paint on your walls.


Pinterest/Leslee Fiszlewicz

Don’t Tread on Me

Your doormat has always been a place to simply wipe your feet after a trying day. However, these innovative ideas just may help you to see your front doormat in a very different light! Share these fabulous finds with your fabulous friends and encourage creativity!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Organizing Ideas…

Great Organizing Ideas


I am always looking for new ways to organize and get rid of clutter.  Of course the best way is to throw things away, but the sentimental side of me often takes over!


















































Dollar Store Organization Ideas…


I found this site today and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”  The Dollar Store is a great place to find DIY items to organize your home.  I hope this is helpful to you!

How One Hour plus One Dollar Store Trip Solved Seven Organizational Problem Areas

A place for everything and for everything a place.

Sound familiar?  It’s a mantra for most organized people that I’ve tried to adapt for myself.

The problem for me is that I’m often baffled by what location I should put things.  I tend to be more right brained than left, so there are always multiple options.

Store the party supplies that I use once or twice a year in my cupboard that I use daily?  Why not?  

Keep my receipts near my desk, or on top of the microwave, or in the filing cabinet?  Sure.

It can be a problem.  So while at the Dollar Tree the other day, I had some inspiration.  Why not create spaces for items using Dollar Store containers and labels?  Then I will always know where my receipts are and maybe I’ll find another location for those party supplies.

I returned from the Dollar Store with this:

Can you spot the super helpful adorable one year old?

I am also incredibly motivated by deadlines.  It’s possible I get this from my Mom, along with a lot of other great qualities – I hope.  (By the way, find out how my Mom solved her linen organization with just one trip to the Dollar Store.)

So, I decided to give myself ONE HOUR to see how many problem areas I could tackle in the time period.  (This, of course, did not include the half an hour that it took for me to find those super cute chalkboard labels that I had put somewhere.  True story.  Turns out I should have purchased a Chalkboard Label Container while at the Dollar Store.)

Once, I finally found those super cute chalkboard labels, I made a list of problem areas that needed to be addressed:

In hind sight, it would have made more sense to make this list before my visit to the Dollar Tree.  Oops.

Then – with the help of my 5 year old – the hour of Project Organization began.

And when the hour was up, this was the result:

Those infamous party supplies now have a place and a label. And I am giving them a new home in my basement.

Time: 5 minutes

My new Under-the-Sink organization.  This also resulted in trashing a few cleaners that have been around much longer than their expiration dates recommends.  Score!

Time: 10 minutes

Because this is much cuter than any old cardboard box.

This was my favorite solution.  My Personal Care products/Free Samples closet had gotten ugly. (I spared you the before pictures.)  Locating anything had gotten a little hairy.  These containers solved the problem and also motivated me to throw out a few expired products and put together a new donation bag.

Time: 15 minutes

This was my 5 year old’s contribution to the project.  He has a few more left brained tendencies than I do and was thrilled to help.  And these containers are so much more awesome than the baggies and old wipes container that were previously responsible for storage.

Time: 10 minutes (in 5 year old time)

This random collection of things was taking residence in the bottom of afore-mentioned cupboard in a very haphazard manner.  I also discovered a collection of plastic knives the size of China.  Because really – who uses plastic knives???

I got rid of 90% of the knives along with a collection of old  menu planning resources that are approximately 10 years old – and no longer necessary due to that beautiful thing called Pinterest.

Time: 10 minutes

About those receipts.  I now have a location for them.  Now to determine where this cute little thing should be kept?  Any tips?

Time: 5 minutes

I have always given myself a little grace when it comes to drawers.  I mean – the term junk drawer was created for a reason.

But I’m kind of in love with my new system for this drawer.  Now I might actually be able to find a paper clip when I need one!

Time: 10 minutes

Time elapsed: 65 minutes 

Problem areas solved: 7

Feeling of Accomplishment: Priceless

How about you?  Do you like to organize with Dollar Store items?  Share your tips in the comments!  



















One a Day: Throw These 116 Things Away from PopSugar.Com

I found this website on Pinterest.  It made me feel like I can conquer my clutter!  I hope it helps you, too.



Cleaning out clutter can be a tough task, especially if you have been letting it build up for a while. Instead of setting aside a huge block of time to take care of months’ or years’ worth of clutter, take baby steps by throwing away only one type of item a day. And by throwing away, I mean recycling, selling, donating, or — as the last resort — trashing. Here’s a list of 116 types of items that will take you about four months to dispose of:

  1. The other side of a pair of lost earrings
  2. Scraps of wrapping paper
  3. Cards people have given you with no sentimental value
  4. Receipts you don’t need
  5. Ticket stubs
  6. Socks with holes
  7. Old t-shirts
  8. Leftover change
  9. Dried flowers
  10. Magazines
  11. CDs
  12. Hair elastics that have lost stretchiness
  13. Hair accessories you don’t use
  14. Shoes that don’t fit or that you don’t wear
  15. Extra photo prints
  16. Little knickknacks (designate a bowl and fill it)
  17. Kitchen things you don’t use
  18. Cooking utensils you have two of
  19. Tired bras
  20. Scarves you never wear
  21. Clothes that don’t fit
  22. Gifts you don’t like
  23. Old towels
  24. Old makeup
  25. Old toiletries
  26. Old or unused hangers
  27. Expired or sample-sized toiletries
  28. Extra buttons
  29. Expired sauces
  30. Toys your pets don’t play with
  31. Expired medication
  32. Dried-up nail polish
  33. Bills you don’t need to keep
  34. Expired coupons
  35. Old paperwork
  36. DVDs you don’t watch
  37. Snacks your pets don’t eat
  38. Damaged clothing you can’t mend
  39. Stained clothing you can’t clean
  40. Old prom dresses
  41. Scratched nonstick cookware
  42. Old underwear or swimwear that’s losing its stretch
  43. Outdated electronics
  44. Rusty jewelry
  45. Stockings with runs
  46. Pens that don’t work
  47. Clothing you’ve outgrown
  48. Necklaces and bracelets with broken clasps
  49. Cables and wires you don’t use
  50. Worn-out sheets and bedding
  51. Empty or near-empty bottles of cleaning products
  52. Old mending buttons for clothing you no longer have
  53. Worn-out bath mats
  54. Broken electronics
  55. Purses you never use
  56. Flatware, plates, and glasses that don’t match the rest of your collection, plus dingy children’s plates you no longer use
  57. Old pillows
  58. Worn-out shoes
  59. Wedding invites
  60. Save-the-dates
  61. Wedding favors you don’t use
  62. Old wallets that you don’t use
  63. Broken kitchen equipment
  64. Spare furniture parts you don’t need
  65. Furniture manuals
  66. Boxes
  67. Unused vases
  68. Extra tupperware you don’t need
  69. Old mail
  70. Junk mail
  71. Travel brochures
  72. Bobby pins
  73. Old crayons or art supplies, plus markers that have run out of ink
  74. Random containers and jars
  75. Unused stationery, stickers, and sticky notes
  76. Ripped denim
  77. Old artwork or old children’s artwork
  78. Used and ripped envelopes
  79. Broken or old iPhone cases
  80. Old unused batteries
  81. Extra and unused coffee mugs
  82. Old spices
  83. Address labels for your old house
  84. Wrinkled ribbon and bows for gift wrap
  85. Cards or gifts from exes
  86. Frequent shopper cards you never use
  87. Matchbooks
  88. Old shopping bags
  89. Old calendars
  90. Old folders
  91. Magnets
  92. Clothes that are outdated or from college
  93. Broken Christmas decorations
  94. Christmas lights that don’t work
  95. Frayed towels
  96. Expired food
  97. Computer cords, firewire cord, etc. that you don’t use
  98. Old and outdated software
  99. CDs for old computer programs
  100. Old cell phones
  101. Hand-me-downs that you’re guilt-tripped into keeping
  102. Freebie or promotional t-shirts you never wear
  103. Old fortune cookie fortunes
  104. Old bank statements
  105. Old planners
  106. Delete email subscriptions from sites
  107. Delete emails you don’t need
  108. Delete unwanted music from your iTunes
  109. Extra buttons that come with newly purchased clothes
  110. Games that are missing pieces
  111. Old schoolbooks you’ll never use again
  112. Papers you have backed up on the computer
  113. Books you’ve already read and don’t want to display
  114. Cell phone covers you’re over
  115. Old manuals to electronics
  116. Cell phone accessories you don’t use anymore