Dollar Store Organization Ideas…


I found this site today and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”  The Dollar Store is a great place to find DIY items to organize your home.  I hope this is helpful to you!

How One Hour plus One Dollar Store Trip Solved Seven Organizational Problem Areas

A place for everything and for everything a place.

Sound familiar?  It’s a mantra for most organized people that I’ve tried to adapt for myself.

The problem for me is that I’m often baffled by what location I should put things.  I tend to be more right brained than left, so there are always multiple options.

Store the party supplies that I use once or twice a year in my cupboard that I use daily?  Why not?  

Keep my receipts near my desk, or on top of the microwave, or in the filing cabinet?  Sure.

It can be a problem.  So while at the Dollar Tree the other day, I had some inspiration.  Why not create spaces for items using Dollar Store containers and labels?  Then I will always know where my receipts are and maybe I’ll find another location for those party supplies.

I returned from the Dollar Store with this:

Can you spot the super helpful adorable one year old?

I am also incredibly motivated by deadlines.  It’s possible I get this from my Mom, along with a lot of other great qualities – I hope.  (By the way, find out how my Mom solved her linen organization with just one trip to the Dollar Store.)

So, I decided to give myself ONE HOUR to see how many problem areas I could tackle in the time period.  (This, of course, did not include the half an hour that it took for me to find those super cute chalkboard labels that I had put somewhere.  True story.  Turns out I should have purchased a Chalkboard Label Container while at the Dollar Store.)

Once, I finally found those super cute chalkboard labels, I made a list of problem areas that needed to be addressed:

In hind sight, it would have made more sense to make this list before my visit to the Dollar Tree.  Oops.

Then – with the help of my 5 year old – the hour of Project Organization began.

And when the hour was up, this was the result:

Those infamous party supplies now have a place and a label. And I am giving them a new home in my basement.

Time: 5 minutes

My new Under-the-Sink organization.  This also resulted in trashing a few cleaners that have been around much longer than their expiration dates recommends.  Score!

Time: 10 minutes

Because this is much cuter than any old cardboard box.

This was my favorite solution.  My Personal Care products/Free Samples closet had gotten ugly. (I spared you the before pictures.)  Locating anything had gotten a little hairy.  These containers solved the problem and also motivated me to throw out a few expired products and put together a new donation bag.

Time: 15 minutes

This was my 5 year old’s contribution to the project.  He has a few more left brained tendencies than I do and was thrilled to help.  And these containers are so much more awesome than the baggies and old wipes container that were previously responsible for storage.

Time: 10 minutes (in 5 year old time)

This random collection of things was taking residence in the bottom of afore-mentioned cupboard in a very haphazard manner.  I also discovered a collection of plastic knives the size of China.  Because really – who uses plastic knives???

I got rid of 90% of the knives along with a collection of old  menu planning resources that are approximately 10 years old – and no longer necessary due to that beautiful thing called Pinterest.

Time: 10 minutes

About those receipts.  I now have a location for them.  Now to determine where this cute little thing should be kept?  Any tips?

Time: 5 minutes

I have always given myself a little grace when it comes to drawers.  I mean – the term junk drawer was created for a reason.

But I’m kind of in love with my new system for this drawer.  Now I might actually be able to find a paper clip when I need one!

Time: 10 minutes

Time elapsed: 65 minutes 

Problem areas solved: 7

Feeling of Accomplishment: Priceless

How about you?  Do you like to organize with Dollar Store items?  Share your tips in the comments!