Another great Joshua Weissman But Better video! You have got to try this…

I made these for dinner last week. They were fantastic! My family loved them. I am not as talented as Joshua, so it took me a good bit longer to make everything. If you are just starting out and a little intimidated with the dough part, you can use the store version of muffins. Cook the eggs just like he suggests, you will not be disappointed. So delicious. Thank you, Joshua, another excellent But Better video!

Next, get ready family! It’s Crunchwrap Supreme night!

Mesmerizing Ham, Cheese, Egg, and Toast ~ Korean Street Food Video ~

Another mesmerizing food video to enjoy…

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Joshua Weissman ~ Cooking Challenge with Mom

Joshua Weissman ~ Cooking Challenge with Girlfriend

Texting has become my Garden Journal

Recently, I was struggling with guilt because I hadn’t maintained my garden journal…Keeping a record of seedlings, soil, plants, weather, favorite vegetables, etc.

One day, I was skimming through my photos and remembered I had been sending photos and garden updates through text messages. I had been keeping a journal after all! Sharing the garden photos and news was effortless, because I was excited about the process. For me, journaling the information on paper wasn’t exciting nor fun.

If I want to excel as a gardener, I must keep good records. This is my second year, so it feels like I’m at the toddler stage of experiencing new and wonderful things…and, I want to share it with everyone!

To get to the next stage, I’ve got to learn to breathe, listen, learn, and grow a little more (me, not the plants!).

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